Thursday 12 November 2015

Welcome to the Stitching Out Stigma Group Blog!

Stitching Out Stigma is a group set up by Nat to counter the stigma which exists around mental health issues.  She set out with five main aims:
  • Raising awareness of mental health issues
  • Fighting stigma which sadly often accompanies mental health issues 
  • Connecting like-minded people and providing a source of inspiration/hope/encouragement/friendship
  • Giving hope to people affected by mental health issues
  • Enabling people to benefit from the many benefits that engaging with their ‘inner creativity’ can assist with
Nat's idea for a group project was inspired by LaviniaEarl's 21st century cross stitch, the Bayeux Tapestry and a feature on a Star Wars cross stitch found in a ‘cross stitcher magazine’.

The project involves creating a GIANT cross stitch display created by volunteer stitchers.

It entails doing a square of cross stitch which represents your ideas/experiences/journeys/thoughts of mental health issues which you are experiencing/have experienced or are passionate about.   

I read about this project in an issue of a cross stitch magazine and decided to get involved.

At the time of typing, the squares have all been received along with the stories behind the designs.  They are in the process of being stitched into the giant banner which will be displayed in the new purpose built Mental Health Unit in Wales In January 2016.

This blog has been set up to showcase the stories and designs from the various stitchers, there is an option to post anonymously if you prefer.  It would be great if the blog continued with us all sharing ways to cope with the various issues we have experience of and also sharing our stitching - the perfect therapy for many of us!  Hopefully the blog will evolve over time as we all contribute and grow together.